Egypt Today Magazine: Amr Badawy Couch-Surfing IRAN

While the concept of couchsurfing may now be a familiar one in Egypt, there’s still not many of us willing to trade in a luxury hotel room for a stranger’s couch. But the social media website — which brings together intrepid travel enthusiasts from around the world in search of a destination’s true taste — is seeing more and more Egyptians taking the plunge to stay at a host’s house in a country they’ve never visited before.

Amr Badawy, the author of the book Couch Surfer in Iran, is a 35-year-old travel enthusiast and member of, who has always had a great passion for exploring the globe “but never imagined myself as a writer,” he confides. Working by day in the finance department of a petroleum company in Cairo, Badawy sees the need to get away every once in a while. “I think it is one of life’s great pleasures to pursue one’s hobbies and interests without letting your job keep you from doing so.”